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Video of several of my paintings at the residence of A.&M., Los Angeles

“Alaska doll”, (acrylic on canvas, 12″ x 15″ framed)


“What I like about “Alaska Doll” is something that’s completely subjective : It fills me with optimism. And yet on a closer look, I think there’s a definite direction, guiding principles in this small painting leading me to very specific emotions. Beyond Jed Williams’ masterly use of color—I would never imagine that I would find turquoise and khaki satisfying and soothing together ! —”Alaska Doll” is a study in opposites that, I think, makes space for my subjectivity to be more than just introduced into the work, but to be sheltered there.”-H.H., Paris France

Mickey Mouse, Hope and Joy“, (oil and acrylic on canvas, 18″ x24″) 

Just picked up my fifth painting by Jed. This one is titled Mickey Mouse Love and Joy.This is just what the World needs at the moment…Spring is in the air and we can face all with hope, courage and the will to bear present challenges.”-J.A. (Philadelphia)


“The painting “Hmm…” by Jed Williams hangs in the dining room for several years now. The strength of the work endures for several reasons. The painting itself is rich with deep colors and an accomplished technique with  strong brushstrokes. The personage is friendly; he looks down on us thoughtfully; we enjoy his presence which we could qualify as tender, kind, gentle. The quizzical look and the letters Hmmm reflect our own questionings.”–KS,  Gers (France)


“We recently bought 2 paintings from Jed Williams and are delighted to have them on the walls of our living room in Paris. They have given a new energy to the space.”--MF, Paris  (France)

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